Why Millennials Make Great Entrepreneurs

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Mar 18
Great Entrepreneurs

While the age of business is ever-changing because of technology and the Internet, millennials are taking advantage of many tools that are available today. Here are a few reasons why millennials make great entrepreneurs.

They Adapt Well

Indeed, the modern workplace has changed. And for millennials, they know how to adapt to issues. For example, millennials are monetizing their YouTube channels. Not to be outdone, millennials are also quick to jump on to maximize their share. Many of these young businesses leaders have fewer problems with cross-functional integration and are able to quickly address management issues that arrive. Part of the key of being able to stay relevant as a business owner and entrepreneur is to be able to adapt to technology trends, mobile device trends like the integration of VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) to maximize a particular business niche or blaze a new business trail.

Many Tools Are Available

For the savvy business founder, there are many tools and guides online to help them succeed. One thing’s for sure about millennials – they make use of the available digital tools. And as entrepreneurs, they can use everything from Facebook ads to Facebook groups to glean insight from like-minded individuals. Millennials also take advantage of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube channels, and also Millennials are very savvy about how to promote their business websites and promote their brand and products.

Millennials Are Used To Smartphones And Mobile Devices

While Gen-Xer’s may have been used to black and white TV’s, color TV’s and “Pong,” “Atari” and Nintendo gaming systems in their childhoods, millennials are used to video game streaming and even monetizing their game playing to become wealthy entrepreneurs. Indeed, millennials are also used to working seamlessly with iPads, tablets, smartphones, and phablets. Millennials know how to apply software tools using a mobile device for managing their business fully online without a brick-and-mortar office. Indeed, millennials stand out for their technology use. And many potential clients of these millennial entrepreneurs are taking notice.

In conclusion, these three things about millennials and how they have a knack for using technology as entrepreneurs and the ability to adapt are some impressive ones. And especially concerning those key ways that the Internet has changed how businesses are founded for millennials. The most promising news is that if you are considering working with a millennial regarding business, be aware that this group born between 1981-1997 have a good grasp of smartphone apps and the best ways to use them to help your business.

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