What’s the Next Step for Scaling Your Business?

By Matthew King | Business Planning

Aug 17
scaling your business

Starting a business can be difficult, but scaling that business up to meet the demands of your growing customer base can be even more challenging. If you’re looking to expand your infrastructure to accommodate business growth, you should plan your actions carefully. Moving too quickly or rashly can leave your current operations floundering. Fortunately, there are a number of tools and techniques you can incorporate into your business to help with your expansion.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CMR) software allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers need. Robust databases track the demands of both existing customers and potential leads. This allows you a big picture focus by allowing to trace the behaviors of your key demographics, but it also gives you the means to provide targeted advertising and outreach to customers on an individual level.

Automating Your Inventory Management

Inventory management is critical for any retail model, and judging how much you need to adjust your model with your growth can be a complicated and imprecise process. Order fulfillment services provide you with a qualified third party organization who can oversee your demands and respond to your changing needs. They’ll oversee the management, tracking, and shipping of your products so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Decoupling From the Local Market With a Customer-Side App

While the lack of a notable web presence may work just fine if you’re only sustaining one brick and mortar shop, creating an app for your customers is becoming increasingly more necessary in the modern marketplace. A dedicated app allows you to unify your branding and create a digital shopping space that ties together all of your physical locations. It also serves as a great way to expand your visibility. The ability to more effectively gather customer data allows you to target their specific needs, push button notifications provide the means to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you, and social media integration can turn your loyal customers into signal boosters for your products and services.

Diversifying Your Brand With Content

The more eyes you have on your business, the better outreach you have to potential customers, and even service and retail-based businesses are expanding into content creation. Maintaining both a diverse social media presence and regular blog posts will draw in customers who might be looking for information rather than products directly, and it can serve as a funnel facilitating direct business growth for your products or services.


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