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May 15

Any startup seeking to make tremendous stride in the industry needs a solid team. You would definitely want those constituting your team to be the best in the field. The task then is how to identify such people and also attract them to you. Also, when you get them together how do you get them to gel, and function as a unit.

A solid team can easily waver any storm. It is very important this team be put up at the early stages of a startup, because this usually the most the difficult part of any business. A good and efficient team at this point will ensure the business has a good foundation to flourish upon, be it in marketing, business financing, and business technology or business website.

Team Building – How to build the right start up team

The following will help in building a great team.

All team members should be moving in the same direction

Every single member should be looking towards same direction for team members, though being lead by a guide. He or she sets the course and directs everyone. It is best your team works like this, and not everyone doing their own thing.

Although the team should be moving in same direction, it has to be the right direction. Moving in the wrong direction is same as not having a solid team in the first place.

Aim at winning

A team comprises of individuals discharging different duties. But the common thing that should be found in all members of your team is, the desire to win.  If everyone is doing their job and making sure they’re covering for everyone else, then you have a better chance of winning. You have to measure the progress of the team along the way, to ascertain if you all are still moving in the right direction or not.

Be in it for real

A team of super talented individuals with no work ethic is not a team in the real sense of it. Such team will fail woefully. Hard work in a startup requires commitment to a vision and passion.

There must be communication amongst team mates.

For a team to remain solid, there must be communication among team members. Irrespective of the fact that you have to let your team members work individually in a manner that suits them at some point, there ought to be communication among them afterwards. This is for the sole reason of getting the best out of the team.

Always have the big picture at the back of your mind

This is the key to sustained drive towards achieving set goals as a team. Set and communicate clearly defined goals and milestones so that everyone in the company can feel like they’re winning as the company is winning. Your team should never feel detached from the on goings of the business. Guide their activities to ensure it is tied to the big picture.


Team Building


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