Struggling to Get Your New Business Off the Ground

By Susan | Business Planning

Jul 11
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Starting and running a new business may have been a long-time dream come true, or it may be the result of being laid off or downsized that has forced you to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Whatever the reason may be, getting a new business off the ground can be difficult – even without having to answer to a boss. In fact, in many ways, going this route can be even more daunting, as most new business ventures don’t come with any type of guaranteed income (or an instruction manual). There are some steps that can make the process easier, though – and, knowing that you’re not alone can also help.

First and foremost, it is essential that you know your market. While you may think that you’ve got a great product or service, the reality is that, if no one is interested in purchasing it, you may find yourself with a long income draught.

In this area, then, be sure that you appeal to a specific segment of the population (and “everyone” is definitely not a viable niche). For instance, are you offering clothes for teen girls who like to wear tie dye, toys for parrots, or consulting advice to people who are in the fast food restaurant industry?

Although it may not seem that there is a large market for such pin-pointed services, those who are interested will feel like you are talking directly to them. And, with the wide reach of the Internet today, your clients don’t always have to be in your local area.

Know Your Customer Well

Knowing your customer market also means knowing who your competition is. Here, be sure that you thoroughly study your competitors before moving forward with your new business. This includes finding out why companies in your particular niche (if any) have gone out of business in the past.

Knowing your potential costs is also a major criteria when getting your new business on track. In this area, even if you are earning money with your product or service, it is essential to be sure that your overhead and other costs aren’t more than what you are bringing in.

Regardless of what type of business you’re setting up, it can at times seem like you have nowhere to turn. That’s when chatting with other new business owners – many who are in the same boat as you – can be helpful.

Where to Turn for New Business Advice

That’s where Startup Forums comes in. Here you can find like-minded people who can provide you with good advice, or even just a listening ear. So, <join us>, and see the immediate benefits for yourself.

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