Safe and Sound: How Mobile Apps Support the Security Industry

By Matthew King | Software and Technology

May 18
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Advances in modern technology have changed the way we view security and act on threats. Where human security guards were used in the past, technology and strides in artificial intelligence have joined the fray, rendering today’s security much different — with even more changes to come. From monitored security cameras to spy drones, an array of tools can now be linked together and controlled from the palm of your hand thanks to smartphone apps. Below is a look at some ways mobile technology has changed security and business’ approach to safety.

Video Monitoring and Remote Surveillance

Video monitoring and remote surveillance vary from a simple camera linked to a single monitoring device (TV screen, tablet, or mobile), to vast networks of cameras pointed specific locations, all feeding into a server that can be accessed from mobile phone applications thousands of miles. While enhanced surveillance technology can surely not engage intruders, they play a capital role in deterrence, and, should this fail, they are also the primary source of evidence for seeking justice after a crime has been committed.

The need for monitored security cameras rose with the increase in crime. Larger areas required better and more frequent surveillance, and in some cases (like airports and big public gatherings), more people had to be watched. The increase in camera surveillance has also been matched by a rise in application sophistication. Monitored security cameras are very popular with high-security locations and many institutions that serve customers with security in mind. These establishments usually hire the services of a specialized security firm that not only do the hardware installations but also ensure the coverage of software and maintenance.

Depending on which type of monitored security cameras being used, some mobile applications support physical interactions such as moving and rotating the devices. All apps have the possibility of recording footage and even integrating live feeds with other platforms. As Pro-Vigil explains, you can cycle through the cameras with the swipe of your finger, giving you an added view of what’s going on at all hours of the day. Beyond the live feed, you can also check out archived footage, review video data analysis reports, and examine previous images. All of this is at your fingertips thanks to the latest in remote and mobile surveillance technology.

Web and Online Security

Another security risk in today’s business world come with working on the internet and with huge amounts of virtual data. Everything from hackers, viruses, botnets, and malware can jeopardize businesses that house information online but mobile apps can come in handy here as well. Antivirus and malware apps from big security companies like Avast and McAfee exist to help deter major viruses that target mobile devices. These can even be connected to bigger business networks to help catch attacks before they take effect, even when away from the office.

Web security and development have also changed with mobile apps. Creating a website is easier than ever, but trying to manage the bugs and hiccups in development can take a lot longer to sort out and can put your business at risk. Now with mobile apps, you can get real-time debugging that is connected with your computer at the office. This way you have a chance to fix problems as they occur and would normally put a pause on normal operations.

Surveillance devices are an extension of law enforcement and an additional set of eyes to individuals and businesses. Research and development trends indicate that this mode of surveillance is quickly integrating with artificial intelligence and big data to make subject identification even better. The principal law enforcement bodies already use data in combination with these devices to identify criminals and hackers.

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