Is Your Website Failing to Convert? Try One of These 3 Solutions

By Matthew King | Branding, Marketing and Advertising

May 20
convert | Conversion Optimization

Sometimes, visitors come on to your website and then fail to complete the action that you want them to take. This is what happens when your site fails to convert. Here are some steps that you can take to increase conversion rates.

Get Some Content

The old saying that “content is king” will always hold true. Customers want to have something to read. Many different websites are out there in your space, and you will need something to differentiate yourself from everyone else. If visitors have something to read that engages them, it will draw them to your site. When your content is fresh and accessible, it will give visitors a reason to stay on your website, and the longer they stay, the more of a chance that they have of doing what you want.

Redesign Your Site

Visitors also want something visually appealing, and they will not stick around long enough for conversion if they cannot get it. Take a look at the latest design trends, and remake your site in a style that works. Sometimes, too much is not necessarily the best thing. Consider a more basic design that uses principles of minimalism. When your website is more minimal, what you have on the page has a better chance of standing out to the visitor. Clutter can have the effect of making a visitor agitated and wanting something more orderly, and they will leave.

Create a Community

When people have something to talk about and engage with, they are more likely to convert. When you allow visitors to voice their opinions, they will be more likely to stay long enough to convert. This could include adding a discussion forum where people can exchange views. It can also mean adding customer reviews so visitors can voice their opinions on your website. This will increase the amount of time that they spend. Visitors feel more invested in a site when they are a part of a community and will want to do more to help the site itself, and that will include performing whatever tasks that are the goal of your website.

Whether visitors to your website convert has a large part to do with both how your website looks as well as what you have on your website to entice visitors.

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