How Your Start-Up Can Increase Sales Without Being Pushy 

 April 8, 2020

By  Matthew King

When a business first starts up, getting people into your front door can be the hardest thing and, not to mention, one of the most important goals. Even making one sale will dramatically increase the chances of making another. However, many start-ups run into a common problem: they don’t want to be too pushy. Fortunately, there are many tactics you can use that can help you increase your sales without driving people nuts. Here are three such examples.

Give Special Offers and Rewards

When you are first starting up, you should do everything you can to pull customers into your store. As such, implementing special offers or a rewards system can motivate customer loyalty. For example, bundling related items is great for selling more products to your customers. The trick is to find the right items to bundle. They should be similar to each other, but should also ensure that you can potentially expose a customer to a new item they can purchase without being overly pushy.

Get Referrals

You should also try creating a system that rewards customers for providing referrals. There are many ways to do this, including giving them cash or enhanced discounts as a reward for steering more business your way. Whatever type of program you design, make sure it’s something that makes sense for your business and will create a positive incentive for your customers to become your brand ambassadors. When people hear about your brand through trusted friends and family, you are less likely to become that ‘annoying’ salesman or woman–rather, your brand will become more respectable and trustworthy.

Give Value-Added Content on Social Media

Social media, of course, is a huge source of sales for any type of business. However, if you do nothing but try to sell on social media, you will fail. Social media is most successful when you use it to give your customers value-added content. You can use social media to discuss your industry, trends and how the items you sell can help customers without making a specific and overt sales pitch. Doing so will give customers useful information that they can use throughout their lives. Then, when they do want to make a purchase, they will absolutely think of you and your products.

Pushing sales on someone almost never works, and for a start-up, odds are good it will backfire and turn customers off to you and your business. Instead of taking an approach that will alienate customers, be subtler. Find ways of selling the products that help you and your customer, and odds are good you will be rewarded with better sales and more customers.

Sales and customer service aren’t the only important facets of running a business. The relationships within the business itself can make or break a company. Click here to learn how to better create an environment of unity for your business.

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