How to Make a Physical Storefront Relevant in Today’s Market 

 June 29, 2020

By  Matthew King

As the world of business becomes increasingly dependent on e-commerce and online marketing, it can be difficult to know how to make a physical storefront relevant. It’s not always easy to keep customers coming to your physical storefront in today’s market, but there are some great strategies you can try that will help your brick-and-mortar keep up with the competition.

Integrate it with E-Commerce

You can keep your physical storefront relevant by integrating it with your e-commerce storefront. Creating a virtual store on your website that integrates with your physical locations can have many benefits. One common integration strategy is using in-store pickup. You can entice customers to come into your physical storefront by offering discounts on shipping if they pick up their purchases in person. This method is effective because it will not only keep your physical storefront relevant, but it will increase your visibility in the market as well.

Offer a Unique Experience

Another way you can keep your physical storefront relevant is by offering a unique experience that your customers can only have in person. Allow your customers to experience your products hands-on—this is an activity that is only possible at a physical storefront. Letting your customers engage with your merchandise and see its quality for themselves will add relevance and value to your physical location.

You can create these exclusive in-store experiences by focusing on the unique aspects of your brand. Think about your particular target market, and offer an experience tailored to them, that they will appreciate.

Engage with Customers

A physical storefront offers the unique ability to facilitate relationships between your business and your customers. In order to keep your brick-and-mortar space relevant to your customers, train your employees and associates to be experts on your products. Teach them to use excellent customer service—to be cool, charismatic, and kind. Having your employees engage with customers more often will help them relate better to shoppers. As customers in your store experience the level of quality customer service you offer, they will return to your physical storefront again and again.

The birth of e-commerce does not necessarily portend the death of physical retail. Physical and online storefronts shouldn’t be mutually exclusive—they should be used together to allow your business to live its best life. You can make your physical storefront relevant as you integrate it with e-commerce, offer a unique experience to your shoppers, and engage with customers.

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