How to Lead Online Customers Through a Sales Funnel

By Matthew King | Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Sep 14
Sales Funnel

One of the best ways to turn leads into repeat customers is by filtering them through a sales funnel. Learning how to do this successfully will help create more sales for your business. If you’ve never built a sales funnel, these seven steps will help guide you through the process:

Begin With A Valuable Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is going to be something you offer to a targeted audience. You can determine this by thinking about the needs, desires and pain points of your perfect customer. How can you help your ideal customer solve their problem?

For example, if you are marketing fitness equipment, you could create a guide that will teach your customers how to get in shape for a 10K run. You can also look and see what your competitors are offering. Take the time to download their lead magnet and create one that’s comparable or better.

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Promote Your Offer With A Landing Page

The next step is to build a landing page. It’s best if you keep it as simple as possible. At the top of the page, you will present your offer. You don’t want to have long copy on this type of page – just 10 to 30 words in total.

If you are offering a free guide, your copy may be something like “Discover how to train like a champion for your next 10K race. Download our free 5-step guide.” Below that, you’ll have an area where they can enter their email address and a button that says “Get Started.”

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Create Your Automated Email Campaign

By entering their email address, your new leads are now signed up for an email autoresponder that you manage. At this point, you’ll want to start engaging with them. In most cases, a customer will only buy from you once they feel some trust. You can build that trust by providing valuable information.

By using an email drip campaign, it gives you the opportunity to stay engaged with your leads. Write a series of emails that will be sent out on a regular schedule. They can be sent each day or just once a week.

Offer A Tripwire Offer

By providing your leads a tripwire offer, you can create conversions and turn them into customers. This is critical. Research shows that once someone has made a purchase from your business, they are much more likely to buy from you again in the future. You have established a buyer/seller relationship.

A tripwire offer can be something like a one dollar webinar where you teach your customers valuable tips, or you could offer a one cent trial to a membership site. This is a great way to show your customer the value of your service or product.

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Launch A Core Offer

After warming up your customers for a few days or weeks, it’s time to present them with your core offer. For example, you may be trying to sell them fitness gear. You would make your offer short and sweet and possibly give them a small discount.

There will be some customers who decide to pass on your offer. It might be because they need to build more trust with your brand. If they are still a subscriber, create more email campaigns to keep the engagement alive.

You can even ask them why they passed on your offer. Don’t be afraid to get feedback.

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How to Optimize an Existing Sales Funnel

You should always be testing and measuring the conversion rates in your funnel. You can do this by utilizing A/B testing of your calls to actions. You can even go back to your landing page and try changing colors or copy.

Another way to optimize your sales funnel would be to change your tripwire offer. You may stumble upon a great tripwire offer that helps you create stronger conversions when you present your core offer.

Be sure to monitor your data by watching the analytics of your subscribers. This will give you clues as to what they like and what they don’t like so that you can make changes.

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Continue To Provide Valuable Content

It is important to stay patient and not rush your customers by trying to sell too fast. When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, do you browse around first? You won’t find any store salespeople immediately rushing you with offers. This same philosophy applies to your sales funnel. You are building trust and warming up your audience.

It’s important to give a large amount of value first, and then you can start selling to your customers. However, you do want to start mentioning your core offer while you are providing them with value. This could be a top product or best-selling service.

Now, it’s time to take the needs, wants and pain points of your audience into consideration and present them with your core offer that is aligned with those aspects.

Now, just repeat this process over and over. Use your data and analytics to consistently improve the aspects of your sales funnel.

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