How to Be a Successful Travel Agent in the Modern Market

By Matthew King | Business Planning

Sep 13
Travel Agent

It’s still possible to be a well-earning travel agent in today’s hyper-competitive market. According to Dream Vacations, Americans are traveling more now than ever before, which makes it a great time to become a travel agent. The extensive travel booking websites may have the masses, but you have the personality. And the travel market is being fueled by millennials as the younger generation prizes experience over material possessions. Position yourself correctly in the future, and you’ll be a successful travel agent in the modern market.

Get Needed Training

Credentials go a long way in any field. You’ll want to earn a certificate or degree for being a travel agent so that you can market yourself more effectively. You’ll learn valuable tools along the way like how to make a business plan, how to network and put yourself out there. Therefore, a diploma serves two purposes: to market and educate yourself. Of course, you should always get some advice and talk to others if you can, regardless.

Find The Right Host Agency

Being a travel agent isn’t as crazy as it sounds. You can essentially work freelance while having a host agency. This allows you to work as your own travel agent while your orders are filled out by a larger company. Finding the right host agency allows you freedom while being able to take advantage of the agency’s infrastructure and resources.

Find Your Calling

You’ll likely drive business through the roof if you find the right niche. Perhaps you get out ahead of a travel trend to become the go-to travel agent for a particular area. According to The Journal by Intrepid, Iceland is a buzz destination right now. Millennials are trying to travel to the land of fire and ice to catch the northern lights, experience ethereal landscapes and to see the island’s many glaciers. You can position yourself to make a lot of money by becoming the niche travel agent for a desirable destination.

Go Viral

Online marketing is the most effective tool at your disposal. The right kind of online marketing can reach thousands of people in a short period of time. According to Inc, creating travel blogs, filming your own travel and doing interviews for articles can give you incredible visibility. You’ll want to spend some time learning all of the social media platforms to take full advantage of viral marketing.

Being your own travel agent is a full-time job. Make sure to market yourself to your family, friends, and anybody else you know. Positioning yourself in the market is incredibly important. Become the go-to guru in your area to have your friends and family thinking that being a travel agent isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

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