How Automation Is Helping Businesses Grow

By Matthew King | Business Planning

Dec 04
automation is helping businesses grow

Automation is often viewed as a dirty word, the process by which machines and computerized mechanisms are taking over more and more work responsibilities. While some in the world view this as a threat, automation can be hugely beneficial to workers, businesses, and society alike. Here are three ways in which automation is helping businesses grow while helping everyone else in the process.

No More Multitasking

As any business knows, employees are often asked to do more with less. Thanks to enhancements in automation, computers are now being asked to handle certain tasks. This frees up their human counterparts to handle tasks that automation cannot cover, usually those involving critical thinking, executive functioning, or judgment calls. Additionally, companies that can’t afford to hire a skilled labor force can find the benefits of machine manufacturing for their needs. Machines can help keep costs down, and those costs can then be reinvested in the business and passed along to customers.

Reduce Errors

One of the main benefits of automation and one of the primary reasons why so many businesses are turning to it is that computers and other automated processes simply don’t make the same errors that humans do. More often than not, this reduction of errors is reflective of the programming in which humans give automated machinery; in other words, as long as they are set up appropriately, automation can help reduce errors. Computers are typically able to get a job done better than humans if they are programmed and maintained appropriately.

Better Use Workers Talents

Whether we realize it or not, workers can often be used in more efficient, creative, and fulfilling ways than they are now. However, the simple truth is that we often need them to do the job that they are doing because there simply isn’t a better way. Automation can help take over more menial, basic responsibilities from employees, such as scheduling, to ensure that their talents can be better used in ways that will help them grow as people and grow the business they are working for in the process.

Automation does appear to be the future of countless businesses and is spreading beyond traditional manufacturing fields and into more areas of the workforce, including retail, finance, and transportation. As a result, the world economy is changing. Automation is presenting us with an opportunity to redeploy labor in ways that will better suit these changing times.

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