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May 15
Hiring Employees

Every startup aims to expand after some period of existence. And with expansion and growth comes the need for extra hands. There did be the need to have a manager, someone in charge of finances, logistics and whatsoever the business needs. Therefore, there must be hiring employees to fill these roles.

In trying to meet up with the demands created by the expansion of your business, by employing more hands, a disaster could materialize. This happens when mistakes are made in the employee hiring process. Your business could take several steps backward if the wrong kind of employees is hired to take up roles in the business.

Tips for Hiring Employees

For the sole reason of not making mistakes in hiring that can derail your business, you should make efforts to hire right. And this is influenced by the kind of information you are exposed to. The following tips, ideas will help you avoid making mistakes in hiring employees.

Scrutinize applications with care

Applications received from potential employees applying for a position is the first form of knowing them. From the applications, you can tell a lot about those applying for such position. Although most applications usually paint a better picture than what is obtainable.

You should, therefore, see the applications as a way of knowing who is qualified or not, as well as who you think you need to know more, through the interview.

Ensure you carry out background checks by reaching their references

You will have to verify the authenticity of the information provided to you by job applicants in their curriculum vitae, applications or interview. This will ensure you confirm if they have the background they claim to have. A lying applicant should immediately be removed from the list of those being considered.

Ask the right questions

The right questions can only help ensure the right answers you need are returned to you. Some questions are designed to expose applicants who are trying to put up an impression of what they are not.

Your interview questions should help you figure out if they fit into your company’s culture or not, if they possess the right skills, and have the needed experience to function in the capacity you want them to.

Your interview questions should also be geared towards fishing out applicants with leadership skills or are willing to acquire such, to drive your organization forward. Questions which help show if they are good team members are also important.

Define the jobs available

Hiring the right employee starts with a job analysis. Knowing what exactly what you what your employees to will help guide you in the employment process. The job analysis enables you to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job.

The information from the job analysis is important in helping develop the job description for new employees. The job description in turn helps you plan your recruiting strategy for hiring the right employee for your organization.



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