Growing Your Business? Here’s What You Need for a Solid Hiring Process

By Matthew King | Business Planning

Nov 13

When your business is ready to take off, one of the first policies to establish is your hiring process. Although it may seem cut and dry, hiring new employees is quite a critical task that should be handled correctly to head off problems later. For example, failing to conduct appropriate background tests and screening for possible red flags means your employee, once hired, could create difficulties that could cost time and money. Here is a recommended approach for a solid hiring process.

Job Listing and Description

When posting a job opening, it is vital to create a detailed, accurate description of what the new employee is expected to do. Credentials, including a required or preferred college degree or certification, along with a specific type or amount of job experience, should be indicated. The job ad should be posted in a variety of publications or online websites, including social media, where it can attract a wide pool of qualified applicants.

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Applicant Screening

As people begin to apply for the job, you will need an effective screening process. This could be an HR employee or a search team that will review the applications and make a short list of those who are most suitable for the position. These individuals will be contacted and invited for an interview at the company.


The interview should be conducted by the person who will be hiring the new employee or providing valuable feedback that will inform the hiring decision. Many times an HR representative will conduct the interview, but the team lead or other supervisors of the open position may attend or spectate. Interview questions should be carefully chosen to help elicit the desired information from each candidate, as well as screen out those who are not likely going to be a good fit for the job.

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Background Check and Drug Test

When one or more finalists are selected, a background check can be arranged through the preferred channels. Some companies send candidates to the local police department to give fingerprints to begin their background check. A drug test may also be required depending on the type of industry you work in and what sort of position you’re looking to fill. Those applicants in question will go to a local drug screening organization. However, for the convenience of businesses, some drug testing locations that come to you depending on your location.

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Decision and Offer

The decision to hire the best candidate is first approved by the company, and then an offer is made by letter or email, with a written response requested. Nowadays most of this is done using electronic signing documents, which greatly speed up the process for the applicant and the one running the hiring process. The offer can sometimes be refused entirely, or it can be refused with requests. Some of these requests can be increased pay, better benefits or bonuses and so on. This negotiation can go on for quite some time, so it’s better, in general, to offer a fair, and competitive wage and benefits from the start, so your company doesn’t look bad or lose a potential hire.

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Upon hiring, all necessary paperwork is completed and sent to HR. There may be quite a variety of forms, applications, and other paperwork that needs to be done depending on the company’s field of work. The usual ones are usually: forms to obtain personal information for tax and legal purposes, the arrangement of any licenses or training the new hire needs to undergo, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, signing into the company’s insurance plan, and many more.

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An efficient hiring process can identify suitable employees and ensure they are right for the job.

Growing your business can be a pain, at the least, and panic-inducing at worst. To try to curb the growing pains, be sure to ask advice of other similar business owners and see what valuable information you can get from them. Business ownership can be sort of lonely at times, which is why it’s important to connect with others to make it easier.

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