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    Hi everyone!

    1. I’m an undergraduate computer science student, and interested in entrepreneurship. Right now, I’m reading books to gain insight about entrepreneurs’ perspective on world, and enhancing my communication and social skills. I also try to think how could I bring out a business idea out of the topics and subjects I face. As an unexperienced person, I’m wondering which skills you think are the most important skills to try to enhance now? I’m also going to enter industry as an intern soon to attain more experience. Do you have any suggestions for me? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Whimsical and crazy ideas are also appreciated :))

    Thanks a lot.

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      Hi Ali,

      So far, I believe your approach is stellar. I believe you are headed in the right direction for gaining knowledge, acquiring skills, and doing so while not wasting money.

      I’ll give you a short reading list that I recommend to include (if you are already reading them awesome!):

      • The E Myth Revisited – by Michael E. Gerber
      • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
      • Awakening the Entrepreneur Within – by Michael E. Gerber
      • The Psychology of Selling – by Brian Tracy
      • Competitive Advantage – by Michael E. Porter
      • How to Win Friends & Influence People – by Dale Carnegie
      • The E Myth Mastery – By Michael E. Gerber

      In addition to that. I would also listen to this guy: https://simonsinek.com/

      He’s brilliant to listen to. I don’t make any money for making these recommendations. I have read and listened to them myself to hone my skills and knowledge.


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        Finding good books to read is really important and non-trivial.

        This list would be helpful for sure. Thanks!

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          That is wonderful news. Each book talks about specific skills that you’ll need to work on. That’s why I think these books will do two things for you. Let you know what skills are important, which ones to focus and hone.

          When do you start your internship?

          As you go through your journey, you should let us know your progress here. Infact, it would be a good experience and helpful for other members here for you to write and share it (if you’re up to that).

          Another skill that I didn’t talk about yet, is developing the skill of writing and note-taking. I believe, these are skills an entrepreneur should hone throughout years of practice. Eventually, you’ll have to explain to someone your approach or how to do your process. One of the best ways to document and pass that information on is to write and video it.

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