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Using Growth Hacking for Startups


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    Startups often have a hard time finding marketing dollars or setting a definitive amount for marketing. So, I thought I would talk about using a marketing technique that doesn’t cost much and that markets in many different ways to get your name out there.

    Growth Hacking, is about marketing your business at the lowest possible cost. Perfect for Startups.

    For examples some growth hacking strategies are:

      Cold Calling Potential Leads
      Mass Emailing with List of Targeted Customers
      Writing Thank you Letters to Your Best Customers
      Reaching Out To Customers for One-on-One Interviews for Improvement Purposes

    For a complete and well written guide on Growth Hacking check out QuickSpout’s Guide on Growth Hacking

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    Er. Himanshu Vasistha
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    Thanks for the tip. Can you share something on generating these potential leads?

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    Have you tried Clearbit.com to generate leads? It integrates with your CRM solution as well. It has an extraction tool with which you can search for email IDs for the websites you enter. Otherwise, you can search for region wise companies with various filters as data.

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