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    I am in the middle of writing out a business plan for my new tax service preparation business. I have a number of years off experience preparing taxes and I am also a Tax Certified preparer through the IRS. I have decided to take a chance and build a client base and start my own service.  My question is, I love to prepare taxes, but I also love animals. I have a number of pets at home. Any ideas of how I could put my love of animals into my tax service business? would giving clients an opportunity to donate to a local shelter be ok?


    I am open for suggestions.




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      Jared, I absolutely love this idea. You have several approaches you could take with this. You could allow some of the profits you make to go to shelters for animals or to help with animal treatments. You could also ask if your customers want to donate as you mentioned in your post.

      In addition to that, I would put in your about us section of your business on your website, why you stand for it. Why that cause matters to you so much and what you want to do about it. What kind of impact you want to make. Why your business helps fulfill two purposes. The goal and purpose of your business, but also how it aims to help animals and it’s a purpose in that.

      A company that I advise on here, WPX hosting does something similar.

      Here is an example:


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