New Features July 2017

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    New Features for the Startup Forums:

    We have implemented the following new features for subscribers and overall site usability.

    Users may now add a signature to their profile if they wish. To learn more, simply go to the support page and click on FAQs, then how to add signature.

    Users can now add an attachment to topics! See Example:

    Users are now able to quote when replying to specific people in the forums:

    Subscribers can also edit, format, insert media, videos, tables, and much more as indicated in the example:

    Subscribers are able to mark topics as read or unread to keep their place. See Example:

    Users can now earn points for doing several different activities on startup-forums such as registering, daily visits, logins, commenting on blogs, referring users, participating in polls, viewing the forums, replying, creating new topics, and etc. More information will be displayed on these points and how they work in a separate announcement. 

    We are super excited to be bringing new features to our thriving forum and look forward to offering more cool stuff as we grow!

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