Is There a Place for YouTube Marketing with Your New Business?

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    Over the past several years, social media has come a long way – and because of that, it has opened up numerous doors for new business owners in terms of how to market a company, a product, and / or a service. One way that has become vastly popular is promotion via YouTube videos.

    Although most people know that YouTube is a site where you can find just about any video on any topic, what many people are not aware of is that YouTube is actually a very large search engine – and because of that, if you promote your videos properly, you have the opportunity to pull in all the customers you need, and then some.

    Just some of the ways that you should use YouTube in promoting your new business can include:

    • Customizing Your YouTube Channel – Customizing your YouTube channel can help you to enhance your company’s image and brand. When doing so, be sure that prior to uploading any videos, you include some information about your business and its product or service, and that you ensure the video looks nice in terms of visual quality and sound.
    • Choosing an Appropriate Thumbnail Image – It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of YouTube, it could be worth a thousand views, or more! Here, be sure that you choose the thumbnail visual that is likely to get the most views of your video. You can do this by going into your YouTube account, and then clicking Edit under your videos.
    • Adding Your Company’s Website URL to the Video’s Description – Even the best video in the world can’t get you any business if customers don’t know where to go. Therefore, be sure to add your company’s URL address to the beginning of your video’s description so that viewers are able to click on the link and go to your website.
    • Include Several Calls to Action – It can also help if you include more than one call to action. These don’t only need to be related to purchasing a product. For instance, you could ask viewers of your videos to post their comments, and / or to rate the video on a scale of 1 through 5. You could also have them visit your Facebook page and / or follow you on Twitter. All of these calls to action can help you in raising the knowledge about your company, and what you can offer them.



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      Yes.If you want to market your start-up or a new business youtube can be a very good option.In order to attract the clients and customers certain guidelines are to be followed  while making the marketing video.They are as follows:

      ●Utilizing relevant keywords in your title, tags and description can help users find your videos for related searches.

      ●To optimize your channel page,provide relevant information about your company and include links to your website<b> </b>

      ●Trial and error play a key role in YouTube advertising, so take some time to brainstorm different variables to test in your campaigns.

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