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    Hello. My name is Reesh. I am looking forward for a startup business for restaurant equipment maintenance. I find the business has nice potential, future and less competitor in the market and is also never ending because food and restaurant are a daily need. I hold a bachelors in business management and i can focus more on the business’s commercial value and not the technical part. But based on several researches i have done i do have an idea how the business operate and also aware of the staff qualification. I seek support and advises for the following:
    1. What are the basic sets of tools a technician will require handy for any kind of restaurant equipment (general ones)?
    2. What are the frequent breakdown complaints for these equipment?
    3. What are the frequent corrective maintenance conducted?
    4. Which equipment is frequently required maintenance?
    5. Is this business as promising as i feel it is?
    6. What kind of engineering degree shall the Project manager hold? Is it mechanical or electrical or Industrial?
    7. Does Industrial engineers have technical knowledge in electrical and mechanical?
    8. Is an industrial engineer perfectly fit for the job in both technical and commercial aspects?
    Expecting all of your supports and experiences.
    Have a nice day ! #staysafe
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      Hello, Reesh! Welcome to the Forum. A key aspect of your business is going to be the location. Have you thought about the exact spot your business will be?

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      Hello everyone, I am here to learn from you all. We are a legal and financial company and looking forward to talk with all of you. It’s nice to be here, thank you.

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        Hello and welcome!

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