How important is online presence to a business?

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    Online presence can be extremely important for certain types of businesses, especially for trading and online trading companies seeking an audience on the internet. Your company’s website does more than just serve as a business card for visitors and clients; it is also a source of potential clients and partners. That is why it’s so important not only to get the design and appearance of your site right, but also the technical aspects: source code, keywords and search engine optimisation.

    In other words, in order to increase the number of visitors (including potential clients), it is important to follow certain rules and guidelines when developing a website. Even a visually poorly designed site can bring in more clients and income than a high-end, well-branded designer one, if everything is done correctly

    Do you think you have a business website?

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      A website is something I feel that is never done. There will always be things to tweak, colors to adjust, small bugs that cause something you didn’t expect.

      But, I do agree that your website and the presence you build are both equally important.

      One thing I believe is hard to learn in the beginning is keep your design and development simple..especially in the beginning.

      But, I’ve never really heard a customer once say, “I signed up with you because you had this cool feature on your website”. Most of the time it’s the service, features can certainly help quality of life..but don’t go to crazy with them in the beginning!

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      I agree with Matthew. We should follow starting steps for new business rather than we go with all next step as well.

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