How did marketing automation improve your business?

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    It allows you to spend less time doing things manually, and gives you more time to focus on other things. No matter how large your business gets, your system will be able to keep running them through your automated process without you ever lifting a finger (except to change your system as needed).

    Any kind of, marketing automation services increase the productivity. It brings visibility and real time reports help you make business decision.

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      Automation has definitely played a big role in my business. Especially email automation, automated blog push notifications, and automated content control.

      For me these small changes have saved me countless hours. Can imagine having to write 2,500+ emails per month to welcome members, send out updates, and introduce members to promotions, etc.

      What ways have you used automation in your business?

      One thing I definitely want to focus a good portion of my efforts on automating my business every year. So that I can keep the staff manageable.

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