How Decision Making Speed Can Be Captured Via Marketing

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    In marketing and in the world of doing business, the decision making sped matters a lot. Think about  a situation that you have launched a product and only 2% of your taste customer have made the decision of purchasing it just after its launched and according to your stats you have got to know that more than 50% are more likely to buy it at the start of the next month or within weeks. It happens that there are many customers who put items in the shopping cart and save it to purchase it later on. If they would have purchased it then and there the sales stats would have reached its peak of the company.

    Just think about the ideal situation that you launched a product and within the first 24 hours of its arrival every single customer made the decision and purchase it, well it all seems to be a fairy tale situation. But the truth is that fairy tales can be turned into reality today; you just need to be a little smart and proactive. Therefore, it is a fact that decision speed is a significant element in bringing your business to the top searches. Now let’s discuss the many things you can do to enhance the speed.

    The first thing that I would suggest is to go for influencer marketing. Products that are advertised by favorite celebrities are more likely to get sold. Today, people are following tier fav celebs and they are doing whatever these celebs are doing in their life. So you can use it as your marketing tactics.

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