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    Hello webmasters,

    Today I want to share a great website for people who want awesome and creative website ideas. In this blog I share my best ideas about websites, apps, and some niches ideas.

    I share 5 ideas in each post. I will keep updating the site with new content every week so if you like things like this I suggest you join me.

    I will create a forum for this site so people can discuss their ideas and hopefully we can come up with better ideas together.

    Here is the website:

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      Hi guys,

      Let me share with you some ways I find great ideas …

      I believe that the best ideas are those which you want to see real bad. For instance some people might want to see a game where they can play and earn real money instead of points. This is a great idea but how can you apply it, this is the real question.

      Another way I like to come up with ideas is with problems I run into to and don’t find a solution for. This will help everyone who run into the same problem as you.

      I love coming up with new and unique website ideas. So here are a couple of ideas I want to share with you …

      1. People want to help others, but how do you give them a reason to help. This is why I have come up with an idea for a forum that has a banner ad with each post so that people can help each other and promote their business. Here you have a reason to help and a reason to get help.
      2. Another website idea is about a site where people can post memes and get to know each other. People tend to like other people with the same sense of humor. Why not build a community around that. It’s a humor site that is also a dating platform.
      3. Also a great idea would be to make a video site like YouTube but there should be a board where people can request videos and up vote ideas for videos that are great.

      If you like these ideas and would love to read more just visit the site and I am pretty sure that you are gonna end up with an idea of your own.

      Thank you guys so much,

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