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    I am Pirasanth Raveendran. I am here because I am planning to do an Entrepreneurial Skills Project for my Master’s Degree.  I have registered my business name called Big Minds Pvt. Ltd. I have a personal website too. But the process of incorporating the business costs more than LKR 10000 (Below USD 100). Hence I thought to share the news with you all. The problem is that I am not quite sure about my client.

    Sometimes the workflows are high, sometimes there is no work. Is it okay if I continue this project? (Lol! I have to do it).

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      Hey and Welcome Pirasanth,

      There are plenty of businesses that have “seasons” when there is a high demand and when there is low demand that still operate. I would say you need to put this in your planning and strategy with those “seasons” in mind.

      Have you taken trends to know exactly when your low times are and when your high times are?

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