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    As entrepreneurs we all have a passion to grow and to learn naturally. However, overtime I see fellow business owners sometimes get burned out. Or say things like, I don’t want to learn anything new.

    Not only can this cause you to stagnant in your business, but also in your life.

    We encourage all members and business owners alike to continue learning, reading, and growing yourself and your business.

    So to encourage that, what are some of your favorite newsletters, podcast, motivation talks or books that helped you grow and learn?

    Are there any social media posts that rejuvenated your fire? What is your why? Why do you get up every day?

    Here are a few of mine:

    Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson

    Think Big Act Small by Jason Jennings


    Some of my favorite youtube videos are made by Thrive Themes for learning about websites and conversions.

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