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I would still assume it is the question of what type of business you want to make?

Bank ? Getting a bank license alone is hard, but out of my knowledge you need to put a lot of cash as security fund to do so

Retail? You need to think about investing into the warehouse, shop floor, purchasing gods and much more, I would guess 30,000 USD would limit you what you can resell. There are single technology equipment which would require on a single sell already more money to purchase

Service? Yes, here we go, the initial investment might be low, the profit margin should be high, a way to go and depending in which country you settle your registration fees are maybe covered.

Lastly, don’t forget that in each country the legal formation of a company costs different money and requires different money to be put on the table. Making a limited requires in most countries to put money into a bank account. Not to talk about an incorporated this has in most cases much more implications.


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