Reply To: Should You Consider a Kickstarter Campaign for Funding Your New Business?

By Dieter

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Well, I think I was reading already here. Kickstarter is only one of 100 options you have on the internet to find a crowdfunding, interested investor. Yes, I did invest in one of the projects but did not offer my own idea yet. BTW: it was not Kickstarter since I reviewed a couple of projects there but was never convinced about the presentation and offered rewards.  I ended up on a platform named CORDA, here the projects had some more transparency and the management team behind CORDA looked to me very professional which was for me a key criterion. Investing into crowdfunding projects is similar to what Warren Buffet said. “I spread the money and see which one will succeed. The one out of 10 will make me happier than 10 running half good.”

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