Reply To: Should You Consider a Kickstarter Campaign for Funding Your New Business?

By Reshmika Christopher

Reshmika Christopher
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Kickstarter is one of the most legit websites that helps various companies in campaigning towards raising funds for a particular project.

The process seems very simple.It takes nothing to campaign via kickstarter.It is absolutely free of cost.There is no advance money as such that needs to be paid to get the work done.Even if the funding goal fails,the kickstarter will not charge a single penny from the company concerned.

But on the downside,this process can be really time consuming.It is very uncertain as to how long the website will take in order to give campaigning rights to a particular company.On the other hand,if the funding goals are met,then the kickstarter will take a portion of the funds received as a reward for allowing the company use its platform for raising funds for its project.


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