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By  Matthew King

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I absolutely agree with this. New business owners can collaborate together, let each other know what is working and what isn’t. Even seasoned business owners can remember the time they started and are normally willing to shed a little insight on the matter. Another reason is that you may find a partner in the mix that is trying to do something similar and wouldn’t mind having a helping head. Finding a partner that is willing to help with the build-up and is just as passionate as you are, can be invaluable.

Let’s also not discount the idea of creating a referring network for each new business owner you meet.

Something that I believe is frustrating when starting is learning about all the different marketing techniques, automation, and etc. Here’s how you build a website, here is how you don’t, etc. When researching there are so many different ways to do everything and get yourself online. It is hard to know which one to start with first. The other part of that is most of those things cost money. If you didn’t have a huge budget to start it’s best to be as cost effective as you can be. This means using growth marketing techniques, getting the bare minimum up for a website and etc. Get the money rolling in then worry about adding in the fancy features of automation. Tackle everything one project or task at a time. Having small successes can lead to accomplish large goals.

Even in my current businesses I am still working on automating work that is everyday work but can be done with automation. I have done just a bit of mailchimp automation as it stands and built my initial websites in the beginning. Here it is three years later and it’s time to re-do the websites and spend more time automating to save time.


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