Reply To: How Much is Too Much to Spend When Starting a Business?

By Matthew King

Matthew King
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When I began my retail business, I took a 20K Credit Card in USD to begin inventory, setup shipping, a domain name, website development, amazon setup, e-bay setup, custom drop shipping, and a few bells and whistles. I also worked out of my home so I didn’t have things like rent or internet to pay for more than I already was. However, looking back now, I tried to make a high investment and I ended up mis-managing some aspects of the business or diving in too hard.

Part of this reason was also why the business failed still in its early years. However, once I took care of the debt that was hanging over my head from those mistakes. I launched another business on a mere $500 investment, still worked out of home and got customers a different way then what I was doing before. I would say that the second one I started was just in the right order. However, it took a failure to get to that point.

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