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By  Pranshu Sharma

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Marketing automation is a technical solution that facilitates client acquisition and retention by managing marketing process and assisting in the deployment of marketing campaigns.
According to data, 4 out of 5 customers boosted their leads and 77% improved their conversion rates by adopting marketing automation software.
So, because the advantages of marketing automation for e-commerce enterprises are apparent, let’s take a closer look:
Staffing costs should be reduced. The first step in marketing automation is to set up automatic triggers. As a result, it is possible to issue newsletters automatically, reducing the need for human interaction in this process.
Reporting accuracy. Your analytics will no longer be as painful thanks to marketing automation software, which attempts to provide automatic reports.
Marketing plan with a specific audience in mind. Multiple consumer segments can be approached individually and treated based on their preferences and behavior patterns.
Customer Lifetime Value is higher. Cross-sells, up-sells, and client follow-ups may all be automated to help you boost your Customer Lifetime Value.

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