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By  Matthew King

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An important factor is that even if you fail whether through funding, mis-management, or any other way failure can happen to a business venture. It is always best to take it as a learning change. Find out what went wrong, learn from it, move on and get back on the horse so to say.

I had a pretty big failure in my second business, I owed a good bit of money. However, over time, I paid that money back and I don’t owe anyone. Another funding type that I want to talk about is re-investing in your business. This could be many different types of investments such as putting money into your website, conversion tools, hiring employees to help with the work load or freelancers. I believe after the initial funding to get your business going is a plan to re-invest into the business after its been going for a while. A workforce that you treat with respect because it is growing your business by taking some of the work off of you.

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