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Hello Zack,

I’m doing well. What about you? Essentially SEO is broken down into the following:

  1. Build relevant backlinks to your website. You do this through outreach. However, as a business owner, it’s technically better to just outsource this. (we have a few recommendations you could use).
  2. Build relevant, informational, and valuable content for your audience (blogging), and then ask for your readers to subscribe to your email list. (this part can be outsourced too once you get revenue coming in).
  3. In your email list, you send them newsletters about what you’ve blogged about lately, maybe coupons, new products, best sellers, maybe a customer testimonial, and other things your audience finds interesting.
  4. In your email list, tag customers and break them into segmentations. This way you can send segmented sections of your audience-specific emails to your lists that would interest them.

This is where I would start. Work on building a simple lean funnel, to interest readers, get them on your list, then get them to become customers.

As far as B2C and B2B goes, I virtually treat these the same. It’s all about your target audience, what do they need, what are their frustrations and problems, and how can we help solve them.

In a B2B environment, we try to help them, help their customers sometimes as well. Or make it easier to do by providing a solution. One of my main questions, is, do you need customers right this very minute? Or can you build it over time? Do you have the cash to rely on now? Or do you need it to pay the bills? I mention this because it may be good to have at least a brand awareness campaign on social media or Google Ads, while working on your SEO campaigns.

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