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By  Joey Stones Jr.

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True! Most of the startups are on the brink of a flop at the very beginning and it’s simply because of a fact, that some people are willing to do everything by themselves, without using any kind of assistance. And it’s nothing but cockiness and arrogance, which is unwise though.

Such a waste of time that is – not letting anybody to lend you a helping hand. That was me at the beginning of my project. But then i finally realized that i have to find me some co-founders/help/assistance. And i hired a team of pros – EVERCODE LAB. They helped me with my telemedicine project via creating/producing/launching my “TVDocKnowsBetter Project”. Such a shame that i had to lose money and time while doing nothing, but on the other hand i’m thankful for the experience i got out of it and that i’ve finally found the right direction in terms of getting everything going. Thank u EVERCODE LAB!

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