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By  Matthew King

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First, venture capital isn’t generally the very first spot you go for funding. Above we’ve listed a few firms that you can use for early stages but, there is still a ways to go before even early-stage capital will pay attention to you.

So let me ask this round of questions to better understand your goals and where you are at in your business venture:

  1. When did you start your business?
  2. Are you consistently making revenue for your business?
  3. Do you have employees?
  4. Have you applied for seed funding, first?
  5. Have you tried an angel investor?
  6. Have you tried crowdfunding?
  7. Do you have a business plan?
  8. An executive summary?
  9. Are your finances, ROI, sales, customers, subscribers, etc all tracked and measured?

VC’s normally get a lot of emails, so you have to be crafty with your email headline. Follow the VC around online, comment on their work, reference their work, what they’ve done, ask for a simple interview to learn more about them and their success (this is not where you ask for capital, you are only trying to get your foot in the door).

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