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By  Matthew King

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This can be a hard question for anyone in a startup. Just keep in mind that whatever you may choose, it’s not final. You can always take the time to upgrade to new systems. At the beginning of my own business, I had started with a NAS and set aside a specific time to make sure it was backing up.

We eventually moved to the cloud, but that’s because the NAS began to fail and we  had a different need. We needed employees to be able to work anywhere, on the go, using laptops, desktops, mobile phones.

A cloud-based business allows us to do just that. We use google specifically at the moment, along with a cloud-base phone system.

So think about what your business will be in 5 or 10 years. Will you need that capability? How fast might you need to scale? Will you need to work with remote individuals?

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