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Push and Pull is in every type of relationship. Usually this means the “I’ versus the “We”. Individualism versus the group. Which in this case one doesn’t like to be dominated, controlled, not heard, disrespected, and often the employee will naturally pull away from this interaction. Individualism is ego centered. Where “We” work together as a team, can sit down together and discuss various options. What works best for the greater good of the company or the whole group.

You have to understand the difference between Authoritarian (Extrovert) leaders and Authoritative (Introvert) leaders. One is short-term gains, in the now, and take action. The other is long-term gains, and the bigger picture. The visionary.

Often, we must learn personality to understand the push and pull dynamic. As Introverts don’t really like conflict, and Extroverts love conflict. The Tough Love approach of “Break the Will” and “Break them Down”, and we’ll build you up.

No matter the personality type, we always bounce and back and forth between interacting with Introverts and Extroverts.

This also comes down to what one fears. Entrepreneurship pushes you to your limits. It pushes you to get past your self-limiting beliefs. When you fear something of course you pull away and take the least path of resistance.

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