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Hi Mathew,

Thank you for the suggestions.

I had a quick look at legal zoom, it looks very interesting, I’ll definitely give it a go, I just hope they actually cover France.

With regards to the legal address, I don’t mind providing my home coordinates as long as it’s in the same country as my business. I’m trying to be particularly careful with this because I’d like to integrate Paypal for payment, and they have really strict policies admitting businesses into their service.

Regarding accounting and tax filing, it all depends on how much it would cost me, I prefer outsourcing so I get to focus on developing my products, but my budget is limited (trying to keep it below 100 euros/month all costs included).

Never heard of QuickBooks, as I said I never had an entrepreneurial experience before, so I’m trying to figure things out from the ground up. I’m just seeing potential in the 37ok downloads my product generated and trying to make it profitable.

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