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By  Matthew King

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So, I think my approach with this would be to go to some local places near you to ask if they would like to test the prototype out (If you haven’t already done so). This way you can get real world feedback on the prototype and find out how the world thinks about this idea (btw I do believe it is cool, but we have to put our products to the test with real people).

In terms of finding those people. I would do a simple google search, reach out, and tell them you would like to test your product with them for free. In return, you get feedback from them (this will help you get testimonials when your product is out of prototype phase).

Additionally, I would make one-page flyers with information about your prototype, some contact information and attend events in your local area where some of these store owners might go. Again, I would try to do some simple market research to get the answer to this question: Where does my customer “Hangout” what events do they attend, conferences, etc.

You can also ask the people you get in with to test out your product. (Hey, do you guys attend any events or conferences?) What about associations?

When you test out the product with store business owners. Simply ask them, what’s the most valuable benefit this product offers to you?

Once you get a few of these, you will now know the immediate value proposition for your product to market to those current customers. Now, I realize this isn’t the easy way to do this. It takes some literal legwork. However, this is a super low-cost way to get in front of people. Get real customers to try out your product to validate it fixes a problem for them. Get valuable testimonials early on and possibly develop what I call a CHAMPION.

A champion is someone that loves your product so much they are willing to help you out and talk to other store owners on your behalf.

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