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Hi, and thanks for your response

Just to let you know I revised this prototype a few times.

Basically, it is a smart fitting room with 2 version. One is the full-fledged fitting room (fresh install) and the other option is fit-over existing fitting room (so it will be implemented to already operational fitting room)

Here are some detailed:

Smart mirror to see the reflection and to browse the available colors and styles of the clothes customer is trying on. The item will be displayed on the top right corner of the mirror as soon as you walk inside the fitting room (Through RFID sensor).

Credit card processing. This will save the hassle of staying in line to pay for the merchandise, once customer select the item.

The door is smart film with has two states of transparent and full privacy state. In case customer want to display the outfit to her or his companion.

Reporting application. With RFID detecting all the traffic / items in and out of fitting room, it can generate customized report based on which items are hot seller and which is not (per day, per week per month …. ).

This is a very short description for now.



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