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Awesome! for a store like that, you could go online with either your own website or you could use one of the selling platforms e-bay or amazon. I believe E-bay would be easier for those types of things. Do you already have some of these items in your inventory or are you starting completely fresh?

How are you going to acquire your inventory, what kind of research will you be doing before you decided to buy a product? Have you thought about doing a business plan yet?

Using E-bay could also be a great spot to maybe do your buying of said collectables to hold onto and sell at a later date. Another important measure, if you do start on e-bay or amazon make sure to start small with only a few listings at a time until you get the hang of it and test out how your products will do on these platforms.

I don’t think this really fits for what you are trying to do but you could also consider drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is pretty popular on stores like this. One of the best and largest ones I’ve seen is https://www.doba.com/partners/rendren

Let me know your thoughts!

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