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By  Matthew King

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I wanted to add instagram as I’ve seen a lot of retail stores use this as a way to get their customers to post their products for coupon codes or a free item. You can use instagram but only for a few types of businesses.

What social media platforms are you currently using Susan to build your business if any? On the forums here, we choose facebook and twitter to start, but we may add in LinkedIn as well. I use facebook, youtube, and twitter for most of my businesses that I currently have now. Social media is a great way to engage your customers after a sale, but making yourself stand out through contest or clever posting of humor and fun facts. Knowing what your customers find interesting is a huge advantage in this market. One thing that every customer hates is “click bait”. While clickbait will get you clicks, most often it puts the customer in a bad mood and lets them know you don’t care about offering true content.

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