By Matthew King | Management and Operations

May 15

What is expected of startups is that they grow with time, and that more employees are brought on board. We can all agree that in order to make a business succeed, you need to have a good team in place and be able to coach them to get the best out of them.

You definitely won’t be able to do it all alone. Then after the process of employing, comes the acquisition of a very vital trait which you need to succeed with your employees, and that is employee management.

Employee Management – How to do it right

Managing people does not come naturally unless you’ve had experience. But the process of managing employees will be easier if you understand and adhere to the following:

Hiring right

The first step in this journey is to ensure you hire right. It’s important to have people who care about what they’re doing and are willing to work toward common goals with others. There should be that much needed passion and hunger in your employees.

Clearly communicate responsibilities and expectations

An employee who doesn’t know what is expected of him/her is bound to do work that is not needed. People have different thought patterns, and so you shouldn’t assume that they know what you want from them without actually saying so to them. Clear communication is a necessity. It alleviates employees’ stress when they clearly understand your expectations.

Support and train your employees

It can be destabilizing to be thrown into a job without proper training to do the job. Training and mentoring your employees will make them more efficient, and happy to do the job.

Appreciate them for job well done

Treating your employees with respect and appreciation like they are part owners of the business gives them a sense of pride, and pushes them to go an extra mile for the work they do.

If your sales figures reached or exceeded expectations last month, don’t bask in the glory alone. Acknowledge all who had a hand in the success. Nothing motivates like praise and rewards, and there are multiple ways you can reward your staff without breaking the bank.

Eliminate workplace distractions

Generally, locked-down structure eliminates outside distractions, while an open system facilitates better cross-pollination of ideas. Give your employees some leeway at work, as more freedom often breeds better mental health. Many experts now believe in the empirical value of rest and recreation, especially because they can boost focus and morale.

Workplace problems and respect

When issues arise at work place, treat them tactfully. Do not berate employees no matter what. And try as much as possible not to show favoritism towards a particular employee. Build an atmosphere of respect.

Another means of building an atmosphere of mutual respect is to solicit employee ideas. Nobody knows better than your workforce how their jobs might be improved. Be humble and learn when need be.

Show your employees that their opinions count, and that their time is valuable. When you have the right people working together and feeling heard, you begin to see the benefits of a widespread sense of shared ownership.




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Matthew King is the owner of the Startup Forums, Alkries LLC, and co-owner at TR King Insurance Marketing. Partner at Independent Life Insurance Agent Association, Medicare Training 101, and Final Expense 101. When he's not creating content about running successful businesses here. He's most likely developing processes, diving into SEO, or gaming with his friends and wife.

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