Cyber Security Experts Are Expensive: Here’s Why They’re Worth It

By Matthew King | Software and Technology

Nov 06
Cyber Security

On the cybersecurity front, 2017 was a difficult year. With massive, preventable data breaches at Equifax and Yahoo and the high-profile WannaCry ransomware attack in the healthcare industry, many businesses were left fearful and reeling. Were they next? What could they do to prevent cyber security threats?

Cyber Security Threats

2017 is likely a harbinger of more to come. Even the smallest security hole can provide a way in for the right hacker. Hackers themselves are growing their skill sets and adjusting to cyber security solutions nearly as fast as we can find them.

One of the most significant threats we face, according to the 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report, is the growing danger from destruction-of-service (DeOS) attacks. With the potential to do more damage than we’ve seen to this point, DeOS attacks could even take out the backups business use for restoration of their system, rendering them unable to recover.

Researchers at Cisco have also pointed out the threat of Internet of Things (IoT) could be an environment ready to be exploited by those with ill intentions and may play an enabling role in damaging DeOs attacks.

Cyber Security Experts and What They Can Do For You

Many small companies mistakenly believe they won’t be the targets of hacking attempts because they are small. The sad truth is that many hackers will target small businesses because they guess, usually correctly, that there’s not much of a budget for security measures to keep them out.

Cybersecurity experts know how to protect your company’s network and data assets, along with those of their customers, from hacking attempts. While their services can be costly, total data loss and recovery from such can cost even more, and that’s not factoring in the potential damage to your company’s reputation. Experts ensure only those with authorization can access confidential and sensitive information.

Devise Security Strategies

Cybersecurity experts devise strategies and software to integrate with the business’s existing system. These specialists review each component and specification looking for holes or vulnerabilities as the system is implemented and then thoroughly tests it once the security measures are ready.

Securing the Network

Experts determine the best ways to secure networks and infrastructures including physical and cyber aspects. Unsecured doors in data centers or internet connections not protected by firewalls would be weaknesses that the experts would identify and deal with.


Cybersecurity requires constant monitoring because the landscape changes daily. Experts use automated tools to scan server logs on the networks to look for aberrations in the activity.

Incident Resolution

Once a hacking incident has occurred, the experienced experts spring into action. Once the threat or breach has been confirmed, it’s their job to secure the vulnerability, and if possible track down the perpetrator. They also assist in assessing any damage and loss that occurred. Finally, they deal with the weakness that permitted the breach to ensure a similar incident won’t be possible.

Benefits of Cyber Security Experts

The benefits of using experts to provide cybersecurity for your business are many. Aside from the tasks outlined above, they can help train a business’s employees in the field and empower them to help protect the company and its data assets. They also provide peace of mind for businesses, comfort in knowing they have experts watching over their online operations. Understanding your company is protected by experts can also instill confidence in your customers, even letting them know you care about their data and are dedicated to safeguarding it.

In finding a reputable, knowledgeable group of security experts to help protect your company (it’s wise to vet the experts you decide to go with), the benefits are more than worth the potential cost.

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