Costs to Consider When Starting a New Business

By Susan | Business Planning

Jul 11
starting a new business

Although there are some new endeavors that may incur less than others when it comes necessary to start-up funds, there are typically at least some costs to consider when starting a new business. Knowing what – and how much – to anticipate ahead of time can help you to alleviate financial surprises down the road.

Common Costs to Consider When Starting a New Business

Not all new companies will require the same out-of-pocket expenses when they are getting up and running. But there are some common costs that you will need to be aware of. These can include the following:

  • Rent for Office Space
  • Office Supplies
  • Marketing Materials (including flyers, business cards, and other advertising items)
  • Website domain and website hosting services
  • Organizational costs (such as setting up a corporation or an LLC for your company)
  • Travel / Fuel
  • Phone / Internet Services
  • Equipment (if applicable)
  • Inventory (if applicable)

While it may sound like a long list of expenses just to get you up to square one, the good news is that you may be able to take a tax deduction for some of the money you spend. This can help to make the financial end of starting a new business a bit less stressful.

Taking the Next Step Towards Funding Your New Business

Even if you don’t currently have all of the funds that will be necessary for funding your new business, it can still be extremely beneficial to take action with getting your company off the ground. One of the best ways to get good, solid advice about new business funding is from entrepreneurs who are already operating their companies.

Where can you find these people? One way is through the Startup Forums. Here you can ask questions, discuss strategy, and even get great advice. It’s free to join, so <hop in and join> the conversation!

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