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Cybersecurity Threats
Dec 20

How Startups Can Protect Themselves From Cybersecurity Threats

By Matthew King | Software and Technology

Startups deal with several challenges. Increasing revenue streams, expanding business operations and coming up with a smart marketing strategy are all essential steps to growth and success. Wise entrepreneurs also try to cut off any potential threats to the company’s expansion. Cybersecurity disasters can harm a company on many levels. Taking definitive steps to prevent […]

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automation is helping businesses grow
Dec 04

How Automation Is Helping Businesses Grow

By Matthew King | Business Planning , Management and Operations , Software and Technology

Automation is often viewed as a dirty word, the process by which machines and computerized mechanisms are taking over more and more work responsibilities. While some in the world view this as a threat, automation can be hugely beneficial to workers, businesses, and society alike. Here are three ways in which automation is helping businesses […]

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Cyber Security
Nov 06

Cyber Security Experts Are Expensive: Here’s Why They’re Worth It

By Matthew King | Software and Technology

On the cybersecurity front, 2017 was a difficult year. With massive, preventable data breaches at Equifax and Yahoo and the high-profile WannaCry ransomware attack in the healthcare industry, many businesses were left fearful and reeling. Were they next? What could they do to prevent cyber security threats? Cyber Security Threats 2017 is likely a harbinger […]

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