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Company Unity
Dec 20

Tips for Creating Greater Company Unity Between You and Your Employees

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Team unity is tricky because you need employees with different personalities and past experiences to think and act alike. Getting everyone on the same page often comes down to fostering strong communication within and between teams or departments. That includes building trust and camaraderie between you and lower-level team members. Whether you have one employee […]

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automation is helping businesses grow
Dec 04

How Automation Is Helping Businesses Grow

By Matthew King | Business Planning , Management and Operations , Software and Technology

Automation is often viewed as a dirty word, the process by which machines and computerized mechanisms are taking over more and more work responsibilities. While some in the world view this as a threat, automation can be hugely beneficial to workers, businesses, and society alike. Here are three ways in which automation is helping businesses […]

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