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Create a business name and check the domain all in a matter of seconds. Describe your brand, shop name, or niche in just one word, using a Free Business Name Generator.

Not sure what to do to make money? Don't have a product or service that you've created?

That's okay! Resell products people have already created as your business! Check out 1,000's of products you can resell right here.


Step 1 - Enter A Keyword

Easy to get started with the Free Business Name Generator. All that is needed is just one word. From that, the tool will automatically generate relevant names that you can use for anything. Your brand, a new product, a shop name, you name it.


Step 2 - Select From One of The Auto-Generated Names

Once you click the "Generate" button on the Free Company Name Generator, it will list several names for you to pick from. Simply scroll down and click your favorite.


Step 3 - Check The Domain

Once you click a name, you'll be taken to a domain registrar, here you can check to see if any domains are open for the name you selected. If they aren't, simply return to the Business Name Generator tool and try again. If they are, awesome!


Step 4 - Gut Check, Move Forward and Start Your Brand

Our final piece of advice is to take just a few moments (5 - 10 mins), and really think about whether you like the name or not. If you do, it's time to take action and move forward with your name!

Find your business name in seconds using The Startup Forums Business Name Generator.

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The Business Name Generator That Takes Less Than 5 Seconds.

Business take years to build, why take hours to come up with a business name?

You can use The Startup Forums business name generator, secure your brand, check the domain name, and jumpstart your business in less than four clicks. Coming up with a cool startup name isn't easy. If you think on it too long you may never even move forward, analysis paralysis.

Instead use the Free Company Name Generator to eliminate the headache, even use it a few times if you have to. You will get a list of company names in a few seconds. Then simply choose your name.

One of the biggest pieces of advice when can give is to make sure it's easy to say, and easy to remember.

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