An Argument for Taking More Breaks at Work

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Jul 30
More Breaks at Work

In today’s competitive workplace, employee turnover rates continue to be high. While employees have various reasons for leaving, many cite burnout and low morale as critical reasons for taking their skills elsewhere. One of the best ways to support employees is to argue for frequent work breaks. Not only will this boost morale and productivity, but it will also lead to fewer repetitive stress injuries that result from too much time on the job without taking a rest. Here are three primary reasons why allowing frequent work breaks is the key to a happy workplace.

Avoiding Burnout

Taking frequent breaks in the workplace is one of the most effective ways to prevent burnout. When employees can catch their breath and relax for a few minutes, they find new energy and commitment to work at the highest level of efficiency. In addition to at least 30 minutes for lunch, employees should be provided with more frequent and shorter times to rest to break up the long day. Burnout and effective work practices cannot coexist. Savvy business leaders understand the importance of giving employees multiple opportunities throughout the day to recharge.

Improved Safety

Repetitive strain injuries are one of the leading causes of work injuries. Encouraging employees to take a break at least once every few hours will help to reduce the chance of repetitive trauma. Whether the job involves manual labor or sitting at a desk all day, there is a risk of repetitive stress injuries in nearly any profession. Signs of repetitive stress injuries include numbness or tingling in a particular body part, reduced flexibility, and pain.

Encourages High Employee Morale

Encouraging your employees to take frequent breaks will also support the cultivation of friendships within the workplace. If employees feel free to leave their desks and visit the break room, they will be more likely to interact socially with their coworkers. This will cultivate a sense of teamwork and boost company morale. It is a proven fact that happier employees are more productive employees. For this reason, it is vital to encourage employees to step away from their desks and to get to know their colleagues on a personal level.

Not only will frequent work breaks encourage productivity and support healthy work relationships, but they will also show employees that they are valued by management. Taking the time to recharge frequently throughout the day is a win/win situation for everyone in the organization. So why not give frequent breaks a try?


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