A 2018 Guide To Current SEO Trends

By Matthew King | Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Aug 15
Current SEO Trends

In online marketing, few terms are as quickly evolving as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you are a business owner, you know the order of the day is “adapt or die.” You’ve no doubt heard the term “SEO,” but you may not be familiar with the algorithm updates, new technologies and cutting-edge techniques that leave us on the outside, looking in at experts that we hire to do the SEO heavy lifting for us.

Regardless of your level of expertise with SEO and its history, it is necessary that you become aware of what is coming in the area of Search Engine Optimization so that you can take advantage of its impact on your business. Here are some things on the horizon for SEO and its implementation in 2018 and beyond:

Video and search image changes

Online interactions have genuinely become interactive, with the visual aspect of our online experience becoming more and more critical as we become more technology savvy. Thanks to faster internet speeds, increased bandwidth, and a desire to “see” what we are interacting with, there has been a surge in demand for visual improvements across all types of media. Startup companies like Moodstocks and Eyefluence are primed to change the accessibility and sophistication of visual experience, and as a business owner, you should be putting plans in place to add visual elements to your marketing campaign to take advantage of these innovations.

Voice search domination

Even if you don’t personally own a smart speaker, you know someone who does, and who uses it regularly to find products and services they may be looking for. Smart speaker sales surged in 2017, with additional sales expected to swell as new technology rolls out in 2018. Becuase people are becoming used to issuing commands and receiving “spoken word” answers to their queries, it could drastically change the way we experience our SERPS, or search engine results pages, as they will no longer be visual. This shift will most certainly impact the way SEO is used in spoken text technology.

Individual customization

Google is at the head of a movement called personalized search results, and has been developing this technology for more than a decade. Using a combination of individual search results, browsing history and other automated information, it strives to give you what you are looking for BEFORE you actually search for it. Don’t feel too violated; there are measures in place to prevent too much digging into your private browsing history; Google aims to deliver personalized service with integrity while keeping it “all business.”

Machine learning and AI

A 2018 Guide To Current SEO Trends 1

With improvements in AI technology, Google may shortly abandon the traditional algorithm search process with machine learning, whereby machines will look at patterns in search queries and develop conclusions in a completely automated manner. The innovation of AI will truly revolutionize the way that business searches are compiled and delivered to you, the browser. Algorithm updates will eventually fade away entirely, replaced by a continuously updated process that operates independently of human intervention.

Move over, Google…Bing…..

While Google still dominates the SEO game for individuals and small business, there are more and more companies that are competing for attention in rank space. Yelp, Amazon, and even Siri have gained their respectable footing in the search engine market, with more and more users turning to these mediums to find information about products and services. Should you want to reach a broader audience of potential customers in 2018 and beyond, consider moving beyond Google as your primary source of SEO attention.

Knowledge graphs

Google has been steadily increasing the frequency of concise answers to questions that users send out over search queries. Knowledge graph boxes are slowly replacing these specific answers. Expect to see these boxes popping up more consistently as people search for specific answers to their search questions. Anticipating customer needs and delivering this technology before it is needed will ensure that you are driving customers to your site with the valuable information you can provide.

Hyperlocal will be the new norm

A 2018 Guide To Current SEO Trends 2

With increasing independence on mobile technology to perform web searches, it is becoming the new norm to request services that are within a certain radius of the user. It is projected that by the end of 2018, companies invested in their SEO will need to use more targeted hyperlocal keywords and optimize for locally relevant appearances on search engine pages.

SEO is a continually changing field, so staying at the forefront of changes in business trends will ensure that you prime your business for success. While these SEO “predictions” are not considered sure bets, it is likely that you will see these trends in the near future, and it will be necessary to implement some changes in your SEO business practices to stay relevant and engaging to your audience. Do some research, stay current on upcoming trends, and look forward to seeing continued success in an ever-changing market!


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